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4 Spontaneous, Fun Things to Do as a Couple

When you’ve been together for a while, the need to fan the flames of your love become prevalent and unavoidable. Romance can grow stagnant, but being spontaneous allows you to put a little excitement back into your relationship. With that said, here are 4 spontaneous, fun things to do as a couple—some of which cost next to nothing to experience.

Climb to a Rooftop and Stargaze

Or, a treehouse. Or, simply laze on your back in the yard, or on a trampoline. Either way, sit or lie side by side with your lover, and simply look up at the stars together. Revel in how small you feel in comparison to the universe, and see who can name the most constellations. This is an especially fun and exciting thing to do during a meteor shower, so check the weather channel or NASA website before heading outdoors. Be sure to make wishes on those shooting stars you see.

Be a Tourist in Your Hometown

Some people can live a lifetime in one place without ever really experiencing all their city has to offer. From ghost walks through historic districts, to awesome restaurants, classic pubs, and raging nightclubs, to beautiful, well-kept antique shops and obscure museums, there are certainly tons to see, do, and experience on your hometown explorations.

Book a Hotel Room, Order Pizza, and Pretend You’re Out of Town

This one could cost a pretty penny, depending on where you want to stay, but it feels like an indulgence—a vacation in your hometown but away from home. Treat yourself and your partner to 5-star amenities, like indoor swimming pools and spa services. Then sit back, order a pizza, and have a relaxing and romantic night in.  Or, better yet, rent a house boat for a weekend, complete with marine life jackets for the utmost in vacay safety.

Write Songs, Poems, or Weird, Silly, Sexy Short Stories Together

It can be revealing and sexy to discover the depths of someone’s imagination, so get inside your lover’s creativity. One person will start the poem, song, and story, and you take turns filling in lines until you think it’s finished. Read it out loud, laugh, and love. Then put the paper in a keepsake box as a reminder of when you were both spontaneously silly together.

The aforementioned spontaneous somethings are fun, creative ways for you and your partner to reconnect. Remember to kiss, hug, cuddle, and express your love as often as possible, because those are the types of actions that will keep your romantic embers burning bright.

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