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4 Family Yard Games That Store Easily in Small Homes

While larger family yard games might be far from feasible when living in a small home or apartment, there are lots that can be stored in small spaces. They are easy to set up, take down, and store! They are all wonderful for a peaceful afternoon with the family, or for an exciting summer family reunion.


Volleyball consists of a ball and two posts with a net supported between them; most volleyball sets have lightweight frames, or posts, that are composed of several pieces. This allows the posts and the net to store in a neat, compact bag. A set designed for storing can actually take up far less space than a middle school student’s back pack.

Corn Hole

Corn hole is the largest game set in this list. However, official cornhole boards will take up roughly the same amount of space as two bicycles, which is still fairly compact. This is one of the only games that can be played with indoors, as well. Therefore, it could be stored in a child’s bedroom, where he or she can play with it during inclement weather. Corn hole boards are incredibly versatile and very fun for all ages.


Virtually all children love a good afternoon of horseshoes. This amazing, simple, and competitive game has been around for generations. It only requires a ground stake and a few horseshoes. These items will store in a space nearly as small as a kid’s shoe box. The stake will need to be cleaned well after it is pulled up, before storing; if the ground is wet, it will likely be covered in mud.

Water Balloons

Water balloons will consume the least amount of space out of all of the family games. A pack of water balloons will take up half as much space as a one pound package of beans. This is a far different story when it is timeto fill up the balloons, though. Several large totes or trash cans will be needed to collect the water balloons as they are being filled for the big fight.

Having a smaller home does not mean that a family must forgo fun outdoor games. Instead, families just need to opt for games that are easy to assemble, take down, and can store away in a small closet.

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